Jul. 25th, 2015

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Dear NC,

I wanted to apologize for wondering what will happen "when PJM is gone". That was insensitive of me, and not how I really intended to express my thoughts. What I meant was "when PJM retires" but I guess it is hard to imagine that time will ever come, because who else would do his job for no pay (other than me)?

However, I should not have to apologize for being direct and speaking my mind--it's what men always do. I am sorry PJM perceives it as personal criticism, and though I am sympathetic I am not responsible for PJM's emotions. If he was very upset about something I said or did, the reasonable course of action would be to talk to me and discuss it instead of letting it fester for weeks. If PJM wants to know what I am doing, the sensible thing would be to ask me and find out.

There was a time I might have looked to PJM as a mentor in business, but I have learned he is a visionary person good at starting businesses, but lacking the people skills to make a business thrive. I strongly disagree with so many decisions he has made for PF lately. The property is a mess in my opinion, and I am especially upset that he wants to manage the client relationships for PF, because this doesn't appear to be his strength. I also happen to think a caring and conscientious young woman might relate better to our client base. Additionally, I have talked to PJM about "heritage" sales on several occasions--it is a sales strategy I learned in my two years working at JMP. It bothers me that he sees its benefits only after some older male cemeterian tells him it's a good idea.

I am pretty sure I can't be friends with PJM because I don't trust him. I really hoped I could still be friends with you because there are so many things I like and value about you, and I've enjoyed all the time we've spent together. But I know you two are a partnership and a package deal, so I can't tell what the future holds for us.

Finally--it's not true that you and PJM "can't" step back from PF. You want to be there. If or when you ever decide you would like to sell your interest in PF, I would buy out your shares. And I would take really good care of the place--I have no other interests in life.

Best regards,



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